Thursday, September 20, 2018



Wilderness Sales and Service offers the following services:

Spring Installation Services
Tired of carrying your heavy dock or boat lift into the water each spring? Why not have Wilderness Sales and Service come do it for you at a low, affordable cost! As a service to our customers, we will come install your pier, boat lift, and water toys each spring. We strive to have spring installation complete before opening weekend of fishing, ice permitting!

Fall Removal Services
A service to Wilderness Sales and Service customers only, every October we will come and remove your pier, boat lift, and toys out of the water and place them on the shore in a convenient place for you. It is important to remove your items from the water before ice forms so that the ice doesn't damage the products as it shifts around during the winter months.

To help keep this service as it's low, affordable costs, all we ask of you is to remove canopies from the boat lifts and any extras you might have on your pier, such as tires and bumpers.

As a service to our customers, we will come at anytime and maintenance your pier or boat lift. We will provide maintenance such as

  • Replacing boards
  • Replacing legs and brackets
  • Adjusting your pier's height when the legs can sometimes settle in the mud
  • Reconfiguring your pier's layout and adding on new sections
  • Fixing and/or adjusting your boat lift